February 2015 Minutes




Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on Monday 16th February 2015                                                                 

at 7.30pm in the Church Room, St John the Baptist Church , Mersham


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Present:                Cllrs Fletcher (in the Chair), Oakley-Hills, Phelan, Smithers, Wells & Whitehead


In attendance:     Mr G Eaton, Clerk to the Council, ABC Cllrs Bartlett & Davey and Community Warden G Kingston


1. Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Cllrs Stewart, Hanson, Murphy & Turley and PCSO Huckstepp


2. Declarations of Councillor’s interests regarding items on the Agenda

There were no declaration of Cllrs interests regarding items on the Agenda


3. ABC Cllrs Reports, PCSO & Community Warden’s Report

ABC Cllr Davey reported on the ongoing problem of lorry parking on and around Barrey Road, Sevington

ABC Cllr Bartlett spoke about the proposed J10A application, the Local Needs Housing application, the Finberry development and the Boundary Commission Review of KCC


The Clerk summarised PCSO Huckstepp’s email report – there had been 4 reported crimes, 3 break-ins and one theft of plants


Community Warden G Kington provided his monthly report


The Clerk reported that the insurance company was still waiting for the medical report in respect of the child injured at the playground


4. Public discussion

There were no members of the public present


5. To approve the Minutes of the Meeting held on 19th January 2015

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 19th January 2015 were approved and signed




Action by

6. Matters arising

Cllr Fletcher updated the meeting on the ‘Behind the Hedge Footpath’ in Mersham – Grant of £7500 received from KCC and work was expected to begin soon

Cllr Fletcher updated the meeting on the Village Handyman scheme – scheme was progressing with further meetings planned

There was a discussion about the speed camera and it was agreed that Cllr Turley should proceed with purchasing posts for the speed sign and installing them at each entrance to the Village

Cllr Turley


7. To discuss correspondence received

Email from ABC Cllr Bartlett with comments on the M20 new J10A Environmental Scoping Report

ABC Leaders Briefing – Green Light for International Signalling

Notes of the meeting with J Wickenden, Highway Steward, held on 29th January

Email from ABC re Finberry development

Letter from Spinal Injuries Association re Fish & Chip Supper

Letter and CD re Wye Neighbourhood Development Plan

Letter and Maps from KCC re proposed changes to public rights of way at Waterbrook Park, Sevington

Letter from The Planning Inspectorate re M20 new J10A

Letter and booklet re Affordable Rural Housing

Letter re Ashford Counselling Service


8. To consider Finance Matters:

A. Accounts for Payment

The Following accounts were approved for payment:                                      £

Cheque No 501641, Mr. B Branson, Feb salary                                             100.88

Cheque No 501642, Mr. I King, Feb salary                                                        83.85

Cheque No 501643, Mr. G Eaton, Feb salary                                                 369.96

Cheque No, 501644, Countrywide Grounds Maintenance                          280.00

Cheque No 501645, Mersham PCC, room hire                                                50.00

Cheque No 501646, Mersham Village Fete, contribution to insurance     250.00

Cheque No 501647, Farthing Common Plant Centre, Christmas Tree          87.30

Cheque No 501648, CPRE, Annual Subs                                                             29.00




Action by

9. To consider Planning Matters

A To consider new planning applications

15/00001                                                                    M20 new J10A

There was a full and detailed discussion about the application. The comments of ABC Cllr Bartlett were fully endorsed and it was agreed represented an excellent summary of the valid factors and issues to be considered. It was agreed to comment on the Scoping Consultation direct to the Planning Inspectorate and via the ABC Planning portal



B Planning Application Granted

13/01420                                                                    Flanders House, Kingsford Street, Mersham

                                                                                      Erection of one detached dwelling/garage

C Local Needs Housing

There were no developments of note


D Sevington Development and J10

There were no further matters to discuss


10. To consider Highway and footpath matters

There were no further matters to discuss


11. Article for Villager Magazine

The following were proposed for the next edition – Village Sign and its design, the new footpath, speed sign, forthcoming elections. Clerk to submit as usual


12. To consider Reports

A  Village Hall

There were no developments of note

B  Sevington North

There were no developments of note

C  Sevington South

There were no developments of note


There were no developments of note




Action by

E  Trees / JPF

There were no developments of note


13. Any Other Business

There was a further discussion about the dog waste bin on Barrey Road/ Church Road, Sevington – Clerk to contact ABC to request a larger bin


There was a discussion about safety checking the play equipment and the JPF – Clerk to check if there is a prescribed form to use


14. Dates of next meeting

The next Meeting will be held on 16th March 2015 at 7.30pm in the Church Room, St John the Baptist Church

The Meeting closed at 9.10 pm