March 2015 Minutes




Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on Monday 16th March 2015                                                                 

at 7.30pm in the Church Room, St John the Baptist Church , Mersham


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The Chairman welcomed Mr Mark Osborn and colleague from Crest Nicholson who had kindly agreed to give an update presentation on the Finberry development. The overall scheme would be for 1100 new homes, a Primary School, Community Centre, Village Green, various retail outlets, offices and live-work units. There were also plans for an extra care/assisted living unit for 80 residents. Mr Osborn confirmed that they were able to build up to 700 units without the new J10A in place. There was a general question and answer session before Cllr Fletcher thanked the presenters for attending the meeting


Present:                Cllrs Fletcher (in the Chair), Hanson, Murphy, Oakley-Hills, Phelan, Smithers, Stewart, Turley, Wells & Whitehead


In attendance:     Mr G Eaton, Clerk to the Council, ABC Cllr Davey and Community Warden, G Kingston


1. Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from ABC Cllr Bartlett and PCSO Huckstepp


2. Declarations of Councillor’s interests regarding items on the Agenda

There were no declaration of Cllrs interests regarding items on the Agenda


3. ABC Cllrs Reports, PCSO & Community Warden’s Report

ABC Cllr Davey reported on the continuing parking problems in the Barrey Road area and noted that it had been announced in the J10A proposals that Barrey Road would be an all direction junction

Community Warden Graham Kingston gave his monthly report including the results of a recent speed survey which suggested 1 in 6 motorists observed the speed limits

The Clerk read an emailed monthly report from PCSO Huckstepp – there were 8 recorded crimes, 4 relating to thefts from the Mersham Sports Club, three burglaries in the Village and one attempted break-in






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4. Public discussion

There was an interesting and informative presentation from Bertie regarding Mersham Sports Club’s request for funding towards a new entrance and their future plans. The new entrance would cost in the region of £8k-£10k and the total project £320k. It was agreed to consider making a donation – Clerk to add to next meeting agenda



5. To approve the Minutes of the Meeting held on 16th February 2015

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 16th February 2015 were approved and signed


6. Matters arising

Cllr Fletcher updated the meeting on the ‘Behind the Hedge Footpath’ in Mersham – work had started and should be completed by the end of the month. An opening ceremony was in the process of being arranged

Cllr Fletcher updated the meeting on the Village Handyman scheme – work was progressing looking at the cost implications for ABC and interested Parishes. It was hoped that the scheme would commence in October 2015 and Parishes would be asked to sign up for 3 years

Cllr Fletched thanked Cllr Turley for setting up the speed sign. The Clerk was asked to check if different size brackets were available


There was a discussion about replacing the damaged mushroom roundabout and possible funding from ABC – it was agreed that an application for funding be made to ABC and to be considered further at the next meeting


7. To discuss correspondence received

Emails discussed re burning of waste at ‘Petworth’ – ABC were investigating

Letter from Jarvis Homes re proposed development in Kingsnorth (already circulated)

Oast to Coast magazine

Notes of the ABC Parish Forum Meeting held on 28th January


8. To consider Finance Matters:

A. Accounts for Payment

The Following accounts were approved for payment:                                           £

Cheque No 501649, Mr. B Branson, Feb salary                                                   100.88

Cheque No 501650, Mr. I King, Feb salary                                                              83.85

Cheque No 501651, Mr. G Eaton, Feb salary                                                        369.96

Cheque No 501652, Countrywide Grounds Maintenance                                  280.00

Cheque No 501653, Chislet PC VAT paid to wrong Parish Council                  1493.57

Cheque No 501654, Action with Communities in Rural Kent, annual subs        35.00


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B. To consider a donation to Villager magazine

There was a general discussion about Villager magazine and it was agreed to make a donation of £600 towards the annual running costs


9. To consider Planning Matters

A To consider new planning applications

14/01075                                                                 113 new dwellings and play area

                                                                                   Land at The Grove, Captains Wood, Cheesemans Green

There were no objections to this application

15/00103                                                                  Siting of portakabin for staff room

                                                                                   Kingston House, The Long Barrow, Sevington

There were no objections to this application

15/00176 (Outline application)                           2 pairs of semi-detached houses

                                                                                   Land opposite Ransley House, Kingsford Street, Mersham

It was noted that following an email discussion a letter had been sent to ABC objecting to the proposal as outside the Village envelope and represented a ribbon development


B Planning Application Granted

14/01398                                                                 Riverside, Flood Street, Mersham


C Local Needs Housing

There were no developments of note


D Sevington Development and J10

After a general discussion it appeared that due to the many objections including damning comments from English Heritage the current scheme would need to be rejected and would need to be reworked. It was hoped any new application incorporate smaller buildings and be less dense. Meetings continued to be held regarding the J10A proposals involving representatives of the Parish Council. The next meeting was scheduled for 17th June 2015


10. To consider Highway and footpath matters

There were no further developments to note


11. Article for Villager Magazine

The following were proposed for the next edition – volunteers to undertake regular inspections of the JPF, flag flying dates and the ‘Behind the Hedge’  footpath



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12. To consider Reports

A  Village Hall

There were no developments of note

B  Sevington North

There were no developments of note

C  Sevington South

There were no developments of note


There were no developments of note

E  Trees / JPF

Email and documents from Insurance Company regarding the weekly inspection of the playground and equipment were discussed. It was agreed that Cllr Turley would circulate the inspection form previously used and this to then be adapted. It was also agreed that various Cllrs would undertake weekly inspections


13. Any Other Business

It was agreed that the Annual Parishioners Meeting be held on Monday 20th April 2015 at 7.00pm and that the Clerk should invite the following guest speakers – Mr Mark Osborn, Crest Nicholson, to present on the Finberry development and a representative from Mersham Sports Club to present on proposed developments at the Club


14. Dates of next meeting

The next Meeting will be held on 20th April 2015 at 8.00pm in the Church Room (or thereabouts – to follow the Annual Parishioners Meeting to be held at 7.00pm) in the St John the Baptist Church, Mersham

The Meeting closed at 9.45 pm