In order to comply with the Transparency Code, Mersham with Sevington Parish Council adopted the following documents in September 2015:

Complaints Procedure

Handling Requests for Information

Internal review Process

Freedom of Information Internal Review Policy

Internal Review process and Procedure

Freedom of Information Request Form

Standing Orders

Statement of Internal Control

Protocol on the recording/filming of meetings

Publication Scheme


The Freedom of Information Act came into force at the beginning of 2005 and encourages greater openness and transparency across the whole public sector.  A new model publication scheme has been published by the Information Commissioner’s Office and has been adopted by the Parish Council.  A copy of the new Scheme as published by the ICO can be obtained below:


A guide to the information that is available from Mersham & Sevington PC can be accessed below.  This will be amended from time to time as new information is made available.  If you wish to see a copy of any item which has not yet been uploaded to the website, please contact the Clerk.

Mersham with Sevington Publication Scheme

Mersham with Sevington Standing Orders

Mersham with Sevington Risk Management Document

Mersham with Sevington Risk Management Register

Mersham with Sevington Asset List

Annual accounts for 2010-11 mershamwithsevingtonpc/UserFiles/file/2010-2011.xls

Annual accounts for 2011-12 mershamwithsevingtonpc/UserFiles/file/2011-2012.xls

Annual accounts for 2012-13 /mershamwithsevingtonpc/UserFiles/file/2012-2013.xls

 Budget for 2013-14 /mershamwithsevingtonpc/UserFiles/file/Budget%202013-14%20version%203.xls