September 2014 Minutes




Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on Monday 15th September 2014                                                                 

at 7.30pm in the Church Room, St John the Baptist Church , Mersham


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Present:                Cllrs Fletcher (in the Chair), Turley, Wells, Smithers, Hansen, Oakley-Hills, Murphy, Phelan and Whitehead


In attendance:     Mr G Eaton, Clerk to the Council, ABC Cllr Bartlett, G Kingston Community Warden, two members of the public and Alison Thompson – English Rural Housing


1. Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Cllr Stewart, ABC Cllr Davey and PCSO Huckstepp


2. Declarations of Councillor’s interests regarding items on the Agenda

There were no declaration of Cllrs interests regarding items on the Agenda


3. ABC Cllrs Reports & PCSO & Community Warden’s Report

G Kingston Community Warden said that there were no major issues to report and mentioned the new Community Room at Tesco


4. Public discussion

There were two members of the public present to observe the meeting and to speak regarding their planning application at Woodcote, Kingsford Street


5. To approve the Minutes of the Meeting held on 21st July 2014

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 21st July 2014 were approved and signed


6. Matters arising

Cllr Fletcher had sent an email to Nobby re meeting about the Village Hall

Letter from ABC re Chequer Tree Paddock, Colliers Hill – enforcement notice has been issued. It was noted that an appeal against the enforcement notice had been made

The Clerk provided an update re cleaning Village benches


Action by

7. To discuss correspondence received

Letter and poster from Hi Kent re Kent Police Male Voice Choir performing on 11th October 2014

Letter re changes to Mersham Post Office

Booklet from Serious Crime Directorate re fraud and scams

KCC Healthwatch Annual Report 2014

Agenda for KALC Ashford Area Committee Meeting to be held on 24th September 2014. Cllr Turley will try and attend

Countryside Voice magazine

Letter from Air Ambulance asking for a donation

Minutes of the KALC Ashford Area Committee Meeting held on 16th July 2014. Cllr Fletcher who attended the meeting gave a brief report

Documents re Kent Minerals and Waste Local Plan

Fieldwork magazine

Email re ABC CCTV Monitoring Centre

Email re falling trees on Millennium Green (quote of £150 accepted)

Email re Anti-social behaviour and Community Trigger

Emails re activity on land south of Ashdown Cottage, Church Road. There was a general discussion and it was noted that there had been no further activity at the site

Letter from ABC re recycling credits

Email re development of Finberry

Email re Police Event on 8th October 2014

Email re Purchase of Public Access Defibrillator


8. Village Handyman Scheme

Cllr Fletcher reported on the recent presentation by John Rivers about the scheme. There was a general discussion about it and the various jobs the handyman could undertake. Concerns were raised about the financing of the scheme and the risks if the scheme was not funded. To be considered further at the next meeting


9. To consider Finance Matters:

Accounts for Payment

The Following accounts were approved for payment:

Mr. B Branson Sept salary                                                         100.88

Mr. I King Sept salary                                                                   83.85

Mr. G Eaton Sept salary                                                             369.96

Countrywide Grounds Maintenance Sept                              280.00


Action by

10. To consider Planning Matters

A To consider new planning applications

14/01091                                                                               The Cottage, Kingsford Street

                                                                                                 Replacement dwelling and garage

Letter to be sent to ABC – development must be in keeping with the area and same roof height as neighbouring properties

14/01021                                                                                Repairs to roof/new windows

                                                                                                 1 Bower Cottages, The Street

14/01159                                                                                Annexe and garage

                                                                                                  Woodcote, Kingsford Street

Letter to be sent to ABC – supporting the application

14/01075                                                                                The Grove, Captains Wood, Cheesemans Green

                                                                                                  113 dwellings and associated access/parking

Letter to be sent to ABC – access onto Cheesemans Green Lane must be for emergency vehicles only

14/00910                                                                                Land west of Highfield Lane

                                                                                                  Commercial Development

14/00906                                                                                Land north of Highfield Lane

                                                                                                  Commercial development


Clerk to invite Roland Mills ABC Planning to the next meeting to discuss these applications prior to the Parish Council submitting its comments to ABC



B Planning applications granted


13/01070                                                                    Red Farm Barn, Laws Lane

                                                                                      Non material amendments

10/01711                                                                    Site at Park Farm, Hamstreet Bypass, Kingsnorth

                                                                                     780 dwellings and associated development


C Local Needs Housing


Cllr Fletcher welcomed Alison Thompson of English Rural Housing. Alison outlined the progress being made with the Local Needs Housing scheme at Bower Road. The highways and drainage surveys have been completed and discussions are taking place with KCC about extending the 30 mph speed limit to include the new development and a speed survey will be taking place. A planning application is currently being worked up. The Parish Council thanked Alison and confirmed their support for the scheme





Action by

D Sevington Development and J10

Cllr Fletcher referred to the recent letter from ABC Leader Gerry Clarkson regarding their July meeting with Cllrs ABC Cllr Bartlett and KCC Cllr Wickham and gave a brief report. It had been a useful and constructive meeting helping to shape the design of J10a

To consider email re J10A Working Group – it was agreed that Cllr Turley and Phelan (or Whitehead) from the Parish Council and Cllr Fletcher to discuss with Linda Arthur


11. To consider Highway and footpath matters

Cllr Fletcher updated the meeting – there were issues around the funding of the scheme


12. Article for Villager Magazine

The following were suggested for the next edition of the Villager magazine – local needs housing, handyman scheme, and the Sevington development planning applications


13. To consider Reports

A  Village Hall

There were no developments of note

B  Sevington North

There were no developments of note

C  Sevington South

There were no developments of note

D  School

There were no developments of note


There were no developments of note

F  Trees / JPF

There were no developments of note


14. Any Other Business

There was no other business to discuss


15. Date of the next Meeting

The next Meeting will be held on 20th October 2014 at 7.30pm in the Church Room St John the Baptist Church

The Meeting closed at 9.50 pm